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Holistic Optimisation

The holistic vision invites us to look at each human being not just as a sum of separate parts but as a whole, a perfect integration of the body, the emotions and the mind. Western science is often only concerned with symptoms. The holistic approach looks in depth at the roots of each problem... and you may have already guessed it: the roots are in the body AND the emotions AND the mind. There's no separation. That's why I always work on these 3 dimensions for each client I work with.

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The pillars of the body are: breath, hydration, nutrition, physical activity, body posture and sleep. If one of these pillars is neglected, your whole foundation is at risk. Through concrete exercises and tools, I help you get the control back on these essential foundations in your daily life so you can feel strong and relaxed.

Image by Andre Hunter


Our cultures often repress our ability to express our emotions. Since childhood, we are forced to push down "negative" emotions into our unconscious, and develop guilt and shame around them. But to be free, and also avoid burnout,  you need to reconnect to your full range of emotions and I'm here to help you create a safe space to release these accumulated emotions.

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Your brain is not your mind. Your brain is the hardware. It takes care of regulating your organs functions for example. Your mind is the software. And just like sometimes you need to update the operating system on your computer, sometimes you also need to update your mind: together we update your beliefs, habits, values, goals etc. to fit with who you aspire to be today and tomorrow.

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