About me

Bridging business and health

Back in 2012 I was a Sales Account Representative at Amazon in Paris. On paper I was a success! I had made it by following what others thought I should do: my dad, the school system... But deep down I felt out of place. I knew I wanted to contribute to something more meaningful. I was also seeing more and more of my colleagues and friends going through burnouts...

So I left on a Grand Adventure to find more meaning and balance in my professional and personal life.

In Thailand I met my mentor and his wife at a holistic retreat center. They helped me heal my past traumas and completely transform my life for the better.

I participated in the development of their center, and lived more than 5 years in Thailand.

Coaching had become my vocation, my inner calling, my way to make a difference. I then spent 2 years in Peru where I helped create holistic retreats and started offering my own online coaching services.

Through my travels and my sensitivity, I have realised the greatest challenge of our times is the transition to a cleaner economy that is in balance with our ecosystems.

Today, I am dedicated at creating a bridge between the world of business where I come from and the path of health and balance that I am walking today and help the actors of the transition walk their personal path with balance and enthusiasm. 

I am mostly certified by my life experiences.

But I also hold a Master in Management from EM Lyon Business School (class of 2008).

I am a certified NLP facilitator by Graham Nicholls from The Priority Academy and also a certified Ericksonian hypnotherapist by Dan Jones.

I am fluent in French, Swedish, English and Spanish.