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About me

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Bridging business and well-being 

🕺 Moving makes me who I am and allows me to proactively deliver tangible results with 12 years combined international experience in entrepreneurship, business and personal development.

Today I am an experienced Corporate Well-being Coach for C suite managers and their teams : I facilitate onsite and online corporate workshops against Burnout.

✅ I can think and coach my clients in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Swedish.

✅ My approach is holistic: I focus on 3 dimensions (physical, emotional, mental) to help each team member integrate themselves to thrive at work and at home.

✅ I boost productivity. Participants of my last workshop left “fully energised, with a practical toolbox and a strong team spirit”.

✅ My EQ ignites your growth. I recently guided a client from stuck and frustrated to feeling empowered and aligned with their inner self and the result was added value to the organisation and their team members.

✅ I adapt to unify individual talents into a winning team. I’ve worked with profiles ranging from woodworkers in Thailand to marketing directors at Christian Dior in London and Amazon in Paris.

✅ For the last 10 years, I’ve been a borderless entrepreneur and explorer who develops and fosters teams.

✅ I love to design solutions for you today: it is my passion to simplify the complex and implement the most useful tools I have mastered over the last 10 years in your teams and optimise your business while living in balance!

🌍 I am particularly sensitive to today’s environmental challenges, and I feel that this is my way of contributing to the collective effort by bridging the world of business with the world of well-being and well-living.

I am mostly certified by my life experiences.

But I also hold a Master in Management from EM Lyon Business School (class of 2008).

I am a certified NLP Master Practitioner by Graham Nicholls from The Priority Academy and also a certified Ericksonian hypnotherapist by Dan Jones.

I have worked for Amazon, Voted Product of the Year, Burger King, McDonald's, Christian Dior, Volvo Cars, Total and Ikea. 

About Me: About Me
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