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Training and coaching of corporate teams

My services are available in person or online, please book a consultation to find out more


Your challenge

  • Every year, 25% of consultants leave their job. The cause: an overload of work, a lack of meaning, a hierarchy that is too vertical, not enough ecology, a mold that is too rigid and homogeneous... (Les Echos)

  • 40% of employees believe that their workload is excessive ("Souffrance et Travail" magazine)

  • 62% of the people we support say they don’t really feel useful in their work”, Ludovic de Gromard, CEO of the start-up Chance (

Well-being in the office is no longer an option today: it is a must.

My passion is to support your managers and teams in implementing practical and effective tools .

My clients

Are you an international group experiencing well-being problems, linked to workload and the loss of meaning and demotivation of your employees?

Are you an HR manager or a manager looking for effective tools and support for you and your team, in particular to be able to better differentiate talents during recruitment, annual evaluations and during developments careers ?

Are you a new QWT (Quality of Life at Work) department looking for a coach to implement winning solutions in talent retention and the establishment of a better corporate culture?

Uway Solutions methodology

I combine the scientific approach enabled by the Uway tool with my individualised coaching tailored to your specific needs.

The Uway test was developed by the EDHEC scientific committee, in partnership with the HR departments of large groups such as Orange, Foncia, Worldline and Ethypharm.

The tool is holistic and measures 4 pillars:

  1. Temperaments and behaviors

  2. Values ​​and drivers

  3. Passions and talents

  4. Life goals and imperatives

The results of the test give rise to a personalised debriefing and allow me to offer a tailor-made coaching solution to my clients in private coaching or in business coaching workshops.

My services

I offer training and team coaching in person and online with 3 options:

1) The Modules

These 1 to 2 hour training courses are available in person or by video for your teams, on themes such as:

  1. Physical alignment for peak performance

  2. Emotional intelligence for performance

  3. Mental alignment in achieving goals

  4. Control of the manager's time

  5. Rethinking success...

2) Half-day workshops for your managers or seniors

We can go further than in the modules on this longer format, and explore proven collective intelligence tools (contact me to discuss the exact content).

The benefits of the modules and workshops include:

  1. Increased productivity across the organization

  2. Better employee retention

  3. Proven techniques that significantly reduce stress levels

  4. Sleep control: employees are energized

  5. Improved well-being at work and at home

  6. Employees regain emotional control, which is beneficial for the company

  7. Effective communication tools to support your teams...

3) Workshops in Team Building format

I am part of a network of coaches at the national level. We offer you retreats in the great outdoors. For further information, please contact us.

These Team Building immersions allow:

  • more in-depth work on the tools

  • work on your corporate culture

  • better team cohesion

  • Recharged energy and motivation of participants

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