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Hi, I'm Antoine

I am a Corporate Well-being Coach. I help C suite managers and their teams. Together we optimise your mental, emotional and physical health so you can thrive at work and in your personal life. With a smile.

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My approach

Holistic optimisation

Holistic means that we look at the whole YOU! We all have a body that experiences emotions and thoughts: there are tools and strategies that fit everyone. And because everyone is unique, there are also solutions specially tailored to your unique needs.

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I am on a mission to empower the purpose driven leaders, managers and their teams to reach their full potential. I deliver corporate workshops at a C suite level to unify individual talents into a winning team.

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I have been doing sessions with Antoine for the past 6 months and I clearly saw some progress in my personal well-being and professionally speaking. He opened my eyes to some new tools to cope with daily life, interesting literature, which I would not have probably discovered this year by myself. We did a deep-dive on fear for example which was really valuable. I would describe Antoine as a balanced coach, full of positive energy and well-versed in the field of personal development. Antoine has a sharp sense of empathy, I would totally recommend to try his coaching!

Tomas Derville, Sustainability Consultant at Climate Partner, Paris

picture anton corazao_edited.jpg

Anton Corazao, Founder and CEO of "Brain-Dead FRENCH", Nice (France)

I learned a lot from Antoine about how to properly deal with my anger, fear and anxiety; things that have been keeping me from moving forward. I am now launching myself into entrepreneurship fearlessly, now that I have Antoine's tool in place. He has helped me to find my inner strength and taught me what to do when I doubt my abilities. I look forward to a bright future!

david zaoui_edited.jpg

Dear Antoine, wanted to share how grateful I am.
Your program Sleep Better Now is a valuable piece of information and techniques that helps me to significantly improve the quality of my sleep.
I’d recommend this course to everybody , simple exercice , easy to apply everyday, results almost immediate.

David Zaoui, CEO Mind Your Business, Paris

sasha pic_edited.jpg

I’ve had sleeping problems for years and tried many programs, however Antoine’s program which has steps unlike any other is what  really made the difference! It helped me get back on track physically and mentally and most importantly off using Xanax and other prescription sleeping aids! He is very professional and dedicated to his mission to help others which I loved. I highly recommend this program as I’ve tried so many and have almost given up

Sasha Strampic, Construction & Developer, Australia


The team was very attentive and participative. Antoine is lively in his way of presenting things: it's clear, friendly, dynamic and with a good rhythm! It was very nice to cut the theory with breathing exercises.

Rose May Lucotte, Co-founder and COO at Change NOW (Paris)

Marianne, Change NOW (Paris)

Super interesting! Congratulations. Some things I didn't know at all, some things I did, but still nice to get a refresher. We come out with plenty of tools. My rating: 9/10.

How likely am I to recommend the workshop to others? 10/10! Over 2 days I already feel almost a little transformed. The fact of having put certain things on paper, of having practiced certain exercises has already given me a lot of mental and even physical energy. Thank you Antoine :-)

Florian, Change NOW (Paris)

Very good facilitator, good level of dynamism without overdoing it. Adapted to the professional world, without going into what could be cliché. My favorite exercise is emergency breathing: easy to replicate, effects tested and approved.

Olimpia, Change NOW (Paris)

Very clear, good physical presence: Antoine keeps his audience hooked despite the time limit. We feel the training behind and the need / passion in the transmission.

Loïc, Change NOW (Paris)

What I preferred ? The emergency breathing exercise. I had never had the opportunity to do it before. It's very relaxing, intense but great in terms of sensations. I also really like the tool of success indicators: it allows us to refocus and define what is essential to us!

What other team members are saying:

  • Very good facilitator, the energy released is similar to the message conveyed. Antoine is very professional and attentive. The presentations are clear and to the point, with good elocution.

  • Clear presentation and we really feel the personal experience side that inspired the presentation which is appreciable.

  • Good everyday tools. Participants share, so they are confident. You are very positive, so thank you! I preferred the questioning tool in 7 layers: effective for getting to the bottom of the subjects. The emergency breathing exercise gave me a feeling of fullness.

colomban vitoux_edited.jpg

Difficult to find time for ourselves in our busy working schedules!? I am happy I took the time to start this fruitful and rewarding journey with Antoine. Talk soon!

Colomban Vitoux, Financial advisor, South Africa

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